Just good wine, lots of laughter and happy people.

That is why I created WineMyWay.   

How then do I keep track of which wines I enjoyed? Paper, no thank you. Pictures, no thank you.

Here’s the Venue and the List of Wines, rate it, share it if that’s your thing and Next!

Oh yes and if I learn something about wine, bonus!

 No need to register if you just want to browse.  

For saving your tasting notes we need to at least know you are human and of legal age.


This is only the start, let's see where this takes us.


Features Overview


Feed of tasting event

Find popular tasting events in your area, buy tickets and stay in the loop!


tasting event details

View details of the Tasting Event, add to calendar, buy tickets, check in, view all the wines and exhibitors and read their stories.


shortlist, taste and rate wines

View all the wines on pour, create a shortlist before the event so that at the event you can quickly find, taste and rate the wines without interrupting your tasting experience.

After the event you can always go back and remember the event and all the wines you tasted.